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Refurbished Ridgeback green.jpg
Sale bikes, Cycle hire Ashbourne

Reconditioned Cycles

At The Bike Barn, we sell a variety of

reconditioned bikes. we try to keep a

good selection of sizes and styles in


Why not pop down and have a look at

what we have available?

We may even offer you part exchange.



Refurbished bike 1.jpg

"Kids grow so fast, why buy new? These do the job just fine and save the planet too! What a great service in town."

"Bought a bike today for my daughter from the bike barn; nice friendly service and good variety of bikes, good prices as well."

Refurbished starter bikes.jpg


"Great value and they're serviced too, it's much better than buying out of the paper; you have peace of mind that it's safe."

Refurbished Ridgeback 24.jpg

"A great way to help save the planet and economical too!"

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